Introducing GRESB / Generator, Recycled Energy, Solar Battery system

electric truckmount5

1.We offer the most advanced carpet cleaning system in the industry. Eco friendly! Using solar and recycled energy!

2. Suction that rivals even the number one selling truckmount systems on the market today.

3. Generator– We use a small gas generator that powers blowers and solution pump

4. Recycled energy– We recycled energy  coming off the blowers and generator creating heat up to 230 degrees.

5. Solar Battery– We use solar power to run our pump out system 100%. It charges a battery within the van.

5. We have not tapped into all the extra energy that is available. thru this system. As technology advances, we will be implementing more solar panels. Hydro turbines and wind turbines  to generate power for the system. This will in turn allow the generator to use less energy. Which also means less carcinogens resulting in less use of gas and oil. Our goal is to one day run the system with only sustainable resources.

6. We are the only ones. There are some electric truckmounts out there but none achieve the suction and heat and surpass the number one selling truckmounts on the market. Most of all, No other system uses solar and recycled energy. Reducing our “Carbon Stamp foot print” on our world by approximately 60%.

7. Introducing the Nissan Leaf– (100% electric car) two and a half years ago we purchased the nissan leaf for our inspection car. Since then we have saved over 2.5 tons of co2 emissions from being released into the air.


How to get candle wax out of carpet

Below is a step by step process on how to remove wax from carpet. This process works most all the time if done correctly. Keep in mind! If the wax is colored, it is usually a 2 part stain. One being the wax that is in the carpet. Two the synthetic dye that remains after getting the wax out. If the color remains. You can try our magic spotter. More often than not. The color needs to be removed by a professional

1. Dampen a white wash cloth or towel. Paper towels can be used but you will get better results from a regular cotton towel.

2. Turn a regular iron on medium high. Do not directly touch the carpet with the iron as it will melt it instantly.

3. Put damp towel flat on wax stain.

4. Put hot iron on the towel for 30 seconds.  Then remove iron in a wiping fashion

5. Check to see if all wax is gone. Repeat process if necessary .

6. If wax is gone but color remains call Magic carpet cleaning & more / 503-391-7406


Nylon, Polyester or Olefin – What’s best for you?

Choosing the right carpet can make your life easier down the road. The latest Nylon offerings provide superior cleanability which lengthens the life of your home carpet. However, the cost may be prohibitive for you landlords out there. Here is a short list of pros and cons for those trying to decide which carpet is best:


PROS: Olefin is made from recycled milk containers and such. It is great at resisting color stains. It cleans up well. This is a common choice for offices.

CONS: It is prone to holding on to oily stains since it’s made from a petroleum product. It is susceptible to frictional burns. For example, sliding furniture across this carpet has been known to actually damage the carpet permanently. Olefin is not as soft as Nylon – for example playing on the floor on bare knees may quickly leave you feeling uncomfortable.


PROS: It is made from plastic two liter bottles. It’s low price makes it an attractive choice for those on a serious budget.

CONS: Polyester has a reputation for its poor resiliency. Traffic patterns can develop as soon as within 6 months of installation – and with polyester, these may become permanent. The carpet will “clean,” but many times traffic patterns persist, leaving your carpet without that fluffy feel you love so much. Polyester is also not as soft as Nylon.


PROS: Nylon is made of a polyamide polymer. It is really the most resilient of all of the fibers. This allows it to fluff back up when cleaned and it is not susceptible to oils in the same way as Olefin or polyester. The latest generation of Nylon has acid dye resistors to fight color staining from things like Kool-Aid.

CONS: The first four generations of Nylon are very susceptible to color stains. Oxygen reducing agents and heat transfer processes can usually remove the color stains, but this process can cost extra.