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How to get candle wax out of carpet

Below is a step by step process on how to remove wax from carpet. This process works most all the time if done correctly. Keep in mind! If the wax is colored, it is usually a 2 part stain. One being the wax that is in the carpet. Two the synthetic dye that remains after getting the wax out. If the color remains. You can try our magic spotter. More often than not. The color needs to be removed by a professional

1. Dampen a white wash cloth or towel. Paper towels can be used but you will get better results from a regular cotton towel.

2. Turn a regular iron on medium high. Do not directly touch the carpet with the iron as it will melt it instantly.

3. Put damp towel flat on wax stain.

4. Put hot iron on the towel for 30 seconds.  Then remove iron in a wiping fashion

5. Check to see if all wax is gone. Repeat process if necessary .

6. If wax is gone but color remains call Magic carpet cleaning & more / 503-391-7406