Inventor of the 1st EMP Shielded Solar Battery Carpet Cleaning Truckmount & Portable Off Grid Battery & Communications System

Magic carpet cleaning & more S.E.T.T.S.Battery pack system

Magic carpet cleaning & more S.E.T.T.S.Battery pack system

On November 28th 2011 I started to research the idea of using solar panels with batteries to power my custom built Electric Carpet Cleaning Truckmount System. I was told that it was not possible! I was told it could not be done. The power needed to run vacuum motors is immense.

After over 10 years of Research & Development, as well as assistance from MERIT / Micro Enterprise Resources Initiatives and Training. Their business classes and training were essential to bringing this invention to scale.

Based on our Flagship Truckmount. I have developed the first EMP Protected Portable Large Off Grid Battery Power Station with Communications Systems.  Battery capacities available up to 25.2kWt.

These systems are Custom built for each customer from the ground up according to their needs.  I use only the best components available. I use US Batteries that are Up to 99% recyclable and easily replaced unlike other packs were batteries cannot be replaced but instead a whole new unit and installation is needed.

Why Electromagnetic Pulse Protected (EMP)?

Power Grid Failures, Cyber-attacks on the power grid, lightning, relocation due to natural disasters like fires, earthquakes, & ice storms.For example, this last ice storm that came thru the Silverton area knocked out all power and internet to our house and our neighbors as well. Pitch dark with a flashlight I went out to my S.E.T.T.S. Battery Pack to check if I still had power. Not only did I have power but I also still had internet running as well as the 3 Camera security talk back system, CB and Walkie Talkies. I quickly connected our neighbor and ourselves to the S.E.T.T.S Battery pack and didn’t miss a beat. It ran Heaters, Microwave ovens, Entertainment Systems, Fridges, Lamps, Computers,  and our Electric Couch. I used the S.E.T.T.S application to monitor battery usage. It worked out great considering we had just lost all electricity.

These units are shielded from all 3 phases of an EMP Attack, as well as lightning and solar flares. EMP Shield is tested at keystone compliance exceeding all military standards.

If you would like a a demonstration please call Harold Sweeney at 503-391-7406.



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