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FEATURES / S.E.T.T.S. Portable EMP Protected Electric Off Grid Battery Backup & Communications Systems

Solsr Electric Truckmount Turbine Systems

Portable EMP Protected Electric Off Grid Battery Backup & Communications Systems / Features:

Hand Built to your Specifications.

  • Using the Highest Quality Parts
  • 45 to 60 DAY BUILD TIME
  • 85% down / 15% on pick up
  • Robust Size US Battery Packs
  • Call for current Custom price quotes

5.04kWt – 25.2kWt  Battery Packs

80 amp continuous maximum current compared to

Tesla’s powerwall 2 continuous maximum current is only 24 amps

Great for speaking Events, Camping, Cabins, Concerts, Construction, Home, Rentals, Vans, RVs, Preppers & more

Portable Solar Panels & Permanent Solar Panels available. Perfect for Blackouts and Emergencies

S.E.T.T.S. Battery System is Based on our flag ship Hi Output Truckmount

These units are shielded from all 3 phases of an Electromagnetic Pulse. 

EMP Shield is Tested at Keystone compliance exceeding all military standards.Why? Power Grid Failure, Cyber attacks on Power grid, EMP Attacks, Lightning, Solar Flares, Relocation due to Fires wind and natural disaster.

Go thru the list & check everything you would like to have on your custom pack:

Call S.E.T.T.S. with your check list to get an estimate for your custom designed System at 503-391-7406

  • One Portable Box with 1 – 2 Independent Solar Battery Systems up to 2100 Amp Hours / 5.04kWt to 25.2kWt
  • S.E.T.T.S. #1 / 840 Amp Hours with 5000 Watt Inverter and three 110v plugs
  • S.E.T.T.S. #2 / + Accessories 1280 Amp Hours with 5000 Watt Inverter and three 110v plugs
  • Combine S.E.T.T.S. #1 & 2 to create 1 large battery pack 2100ah / 25.2kWt System
  • Almost twice the battery storage as Teslas powerwall 2 at 13.2kWt
  • Run any 110 kitchen electric appliance ,hot plate, microwave, toasters
  • Power your Entertainment System (TV, Internet, Speakers, Computers & more.)
  • Add / Run all Power tools on our hi output plugs. Rated up to 30 Amps for heavy loads
  • Designed to run other types of electric truckmounts
  • Add 8750 watt gas / propane generator available to recharge Battery Pack for longer run times
  • Capable of Running 2 separate electric emergency backups systems at one time.
  • 2 solar systems in one . 
  • Total up to 12,500 Watts
  • Plug in charger to charge Battery Pack. Plug into your home or a gas generator to charge pack
  • Add 435 watt Solar Panels
  • Add 200 Watt Portable Suit case solar panels
  • Mobile Hot Spot 
  • Add Temperature Monitor for  both inside & outside Box
  • Real Time Barometer
  • Deluxe Touch Screen Battery Health Usage Monitor with Gorilla Glass
  • Add 3 or more USB Pugs with on/off for accessories
  • Add 12v Cigarette style power plugs, others styles available on request
  • Add LED Dimmer Lights Front & Rear for Battery Pack and nighttime operation
  • Add Vehicle Alternator Charging system for emergency charging using your gas car. Located on the back of the pack. Easy Connect to car battery,. Similar to jumper cables / Multiple can be installed if needed
  • Add Waste and liquid Tank monitor at a glance
  • Add Emergency CB / Citizens Band off Grid Communications Scanning for Police, Fire, Ambulance, Emergency Weather Channels, 40 Channel Access
  • Add 40 mile Walkie Talkie System
  • Add Emergency Accessory Tray
  • Add Box Lock
  • Add Internet Tower
  • Add 24 hour Video Security Talk Back System, with Droid & Windows Application
  • Droid Application for Solar Panels / Charge Controller 
  • Droid Application for Simarine battery monitor Systems



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